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There are many ways we could partner to bring hope to the world through active projects Global Ahead develops in 45 countries. We need your time and skills! You can serve in one of our 100 active projects in hospitals, schools, refugee campuses, building projects and more. On the other hand, you can also help us here in the United States being an advocate of our cases and helping us with the administrative operations.

We need you!

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Doctors and Nurses

17 medical field projects

Health Access For All

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Teachers and Translators

25 educational projects

Education For Change

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Engineers and Architects

9 building projects

The Refugee Work

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Social Workers and Economists

12 developmental projects

Poverty Alleviation

Be a Volunteer around the world

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Where will I be placed?

Each applicant is analysed individually, but basicaly, it's on you. We can connect and share some projects and events that are happening around the world and we go from there.

Global Ahead

How long?

For how long do I have to volunteer?

You can be a volunteer for a month to a year in our projects Worldwide. You tell us your availability and how you can help.

Our mission is to bring hope to people, either by providing the immediate resources they lack or by implementing tools to permanently develop the community in which we are located.

Jonas Durante
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