Former Preschool Program student is National Cycling Champion

Education for change

Sebastian is the National Cycling Champion! Hearing these words shouted out by the sports announcer filled our hearts with joy!

In 2007, our team started a Preschool Program in Paraguay with great desire to make a difference in the lives of the children in their community. Twenty children enrolled and, among them, was Sebastian. His mother was single and suffered from depression, but accompanied her son in his studies, giving him an opportunity for growth when many said he was destined for failure.

🚲 Sebastian attended preschool and then continued his studies at "Colegio Bautista Luz de Esperanza". His love for sports was big and he soon fell in love with cycling, participating in local championships, until he became National Cycling Champion and represented Paraguay in ODESUR (South American Sports Organization).

This truly is a result of #EducationForChange 💪

Sebastian and his mom